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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Drive-In Movie (9)Drive-In Movie
(9) The rest of the week passed, and Robby was 15 years old topless feeling a sense of self-pride
that he had successfully avoided all contact with Ryan. He had even been
resolute enough to let the several calls Ryan had placed to his cell go to
his voice mail which he was certain had driven the overbearing Ryan crazy
to some degree, and he took an even greater pride in that little fact. It
wasn't that he really didn't care about Ryan, or like him as a friend any
longer, but since Eric had entered his life he was no longer willing to
tolerate Ryan's attitude, or accept his cruel treatment of him, especially
during those times immediately following his sucking him off. That situation, Robby mused, pedo pussy 10 year
was actually a double-edged sword of
sorts. He knew that Ryan's meanness stemmed mostly from some sense of guilt
that he felt at the gayness of the act, a sense that 16 years girls bikini caused him to lash out
at Robby in an effort to maintain his macho persona while fixing any blame
for his participation in the sex squarely on Robby's "fag" shoulders. The
other edge of the sword actually was Robby's, and his alone. The fact that
he simply loved sucking cock until that incredible moment that it swelled
in his mouth and spurted all that tasty semen for him to greedily swallow
down was something he found completely irresistible, and his meekly
accepting the immediately following verbal tirade was nothing more than the
cost of doing business. Until, that was, enter Eric. When that had occurred Robby was quick to
learn that not only did Eric genuinely enjoy Robby's considerable oral
talents, he actually happily pedofilia porno 15 years reciprocated with more than a small amount of
talent himself, and, rather than rain a bevy of unkind remarks when the
passion of the moment had passed, he was affectionate and cuddly, and any
verbalization consisted of praise, and sweet nothings. Much better, Robby
decided, and he once again renewed his resolve to no longer submit himself
to Ryan's abusive ways. And he stayed straight and true to that resolution as another week slid
by, a week filled 15years girl sex with him and Eric seizing every opportunity to further
their blossoming sexual agenda. While a lack of privacy had proved a
deterrent to a repeat of the amazing time they had spent fully naked
together as they made a serious shambles of Robby's bed the previous week,
they had managed to satisfy their intense desires for each other's rigid
cock and milky fluids during a number of heated sessions inside the
confines of Eric's truck on some secluded lane somewhere, and while each
yearned for more, what they had was decidedly better than nothing, and they
pursued every opportunity with a vigor equal to their first coupling. But sadly that smoldering passion was about to experience its first real
interruption this very weekend as Eric had been informed by his parents
that he would, without any debate on the matter, be accompanying the family
on a Grandparental visitation to a distant city. The boys sat cuddled
closely in the over warm cab of Eric's pickup where it was parked beside
the shaded narrow lane of dirt road that had 15 year non nude become their 12 years young pics venue of choice
for their heated sexual romps, and as they quietly commiserated their
mutual sadness at the upcoming separation they mingled in a number of
lust-filled kisses as their hands stayed busy fondling the recovering cock
and balls of the other. They had recently completed a particularly intense
trading of slobbering blow jobs, and each was eager for the renowned
recuperative powers of teenage boys everywhere to kick in so that they
might squeeze in one last stunning orgasm before Eric needed to get home. Lowering himself on the seat, Robby brought his face close to Eric's
semi-erect cock, and he gently blew on it with warm breath as he held it
with his fingers. Extending his tongue, he lapped at the knob-like head,
and he felt Eric shudder with pleasure. Lifting his head slightly, he said, "Oh goodie...he's all done least partly...nice...let me see
if I can make him wake up all the can't go until I get another
taste of your sweet cream, no way!" Eric chuckled softly at the teasing remarks, and he let his fingers
slide through Robby's soft hair, his hands following the boy's bobbing head
movements as he once more took his quickly thickening cock into his warm,
wet mouth and began eagerly sucking it as his hand pushed Eric's legs open
to that he could toy with his balls. Eric sighed loudly, his head falling
back on the seatback as the breathtaking sensations of 23 year old brunette Robby's gentle
sucking washed over him once more. Gasping as Robby took him deep into his
soft throat while tugging carefully at his tender eggs, he muttered, "Oh God, are so good at this...what am I going to do for
three damned days without you?" Robby slurped noisily over Eric's now rigid cock, alternating his
movement between taking it deep and releasing it to lap the head and tease
his tongue at the tiny slit at its center before stabbing at the very
sensitive "v" spot at the apex of the coronal ridge, and he savored Eric's
praising words while he asked himself the same question of how he was going
to survive three whole days and nights without this delicious cock in his
mouth. Mumbling what might have been "I have no clue" around Eric's wide
and now oozing meat filling his mouth he forced all thought of the gloom of
separation from his mind and concentrated his full skill set on bringing
Eric to another explosive eruption. This one needed to be special enough to
get him through three days, and he was determined to milk every pedo pussy 10 year
dribble of Eric's tasty cum from the tender balls he rolled in his hand. Eric's breathing was rapid and shallow now, and his narrow hips bucked
in sync with Robby's bobbing head as he let himself surrender all thoughts
of their lost weekend as he felt the oh-so-familiar sensation he loved
begin to glow somewhere behind his balls. "Sweet Jesus, are so're getting to me again,
Stud...Christ...who knew...?...three cums in just over an wonder
I can't get enough of you and that magic mouth!" Robby chuckled softly, and redoubled his efforts, his taste buds already
aching for the flood of rich, thick cream he knew was eminent. His slurping
noises filled the small space of the truck cab, and he increased both teens 12-15 years old
and suction as he worked Eric's full balls as if to stir the milky fluid
they were soon to deliver, and Eric groaned loudly above him, and his hands
formed a tighter grip on his head as his hips pumped upward. Robby could
clearly define the slightly tart flavor of Eric's freely flowing precum
now, and he knew he was on the edge. He pulled his mouth away long enough
to firmly grip the thick shaft of rock hard cock in his hand and pump it
rapidly up and down as he carefully watched the clear fluids pumping
steadily from the tiny slit, and at exactly the correct teens 12-15 years old moment of Eric's
loss of control he quickly covered the wide knob with his drooling mouth,
just as Eric's thick and creamy load began ejaculating forcefully in long
ropes. "AWwwww fuuuuuck...!" Bellowed Eric, his butt thrusting sharply upward
off the seat as his balls exploded their nectar into Robby's wide open
mouth in surprising quantity given it was his third eruption on a
relatively short time. Robby captured hentai 15-year-old as much of the copious fluid as he could hold in his
mouth as he savored the sweet/tart flavor before eagerly swallowing it down
to allow space for the next spurt, and then the next, and the next. Finally
the torrent slowed, and Robby sucked all of the now wilting boyhood into
his mouth and suckled it gently as Eric began to slowly peel himself off
the head liner of the truck. The final dribbles of sweet young cum oozed
from Eric's cock slit, and Robby knew that it would now be in that
super-sensitive stage that follows orgasm, so he released 16 years porno pic it from his mouth
with one last lick to the purple 16 years girls bikini
hued free14 years old movies knob. He sat up, and grinned widely
at a 30 year old pussy panting Eric, as he said, "Man, Eric, that is so good...I love your cock, and I love your creamy
cum...are you sure you absolutely have to do this weekend thing...?...I
mean, shit...I might not make it clear to Monday evening!" Eric grinned, and pulled Robby in close and held him as his pounding
heart began to slow. Inhaling deeply, he answered, "I hear that,'s going to be hell for me too...but it ain't
going to start 12 year nude xxx until I get my "roadie" load from that sweet cock of hot-stuff...lie back, and let me at what I want!" Robby instantly complied, lying back onto the seat as his smooth legs
parted widely to give Eric full access to his rigid erection and freshly
recharged balls. Eric wasted no time in crawling in between Robby's splayed
legs and as his fingers gripped the base of Robby's pulsing erection he
lowered his head and applied several licks to the length of thick cock
before taking the neatly circumcised head into his mouth. He licked the
glistening knob repeatedly and the tart flavor or Robby's already flowing
juices stung at his taste buds. Taking the throbbing erection deeper, he
carefully cupped Robby's heavy sack and gently prodded the tender eggs it
contained as Robby purred with pleasure. He bobbed steadily over Robby's
cock, his steady rhythm rapidly moving Robby to the brink, and when he felt
Robby's narrow hips bucking upward with mounting excitement, he let the
pulsing rod slip from his drooling mouth as he moved lower and began
tonguing Robby's smooth pouch and gently sucking each ball in turn. "OHhhh God...oh man, that's so amazing!" groaned Robby as Eric sucked
his balls, his fist moving steadily up and down on his rigid cock. Pulling back slightly 13 years pussy photo
Eric suddenly caught sight of the pink little
pucker just beneath Robby's balls, and on a sudden impulse he slid his
tongue into the snug crease of Robby's little ass cheeks, and licked at the
tiny and wrinkled opening. Robby went suddenly tense all over, a loud gasp
whooshing from his chest at the completely unexpected contact with his most
secret place, and Eric interpreted the reaction as a favorable one, so he
continued moving his tongue over the firm little ridges of muscle that
circled Robby's sphincter as he continued his steady pumping of his rock
hard cock. Astounded at Eric's interest in that portion of his body Robby gasped
loudly again, his mind reeling with a mixture of shock, and the sense that
no matter how weird the whole thing seemed, it felt totally awesome. He
felt Eric shift slightly, and then his wet tongue was suddenly gone to be
instantly replaced by a probing finger that poked gently at his tiny
opening. He gasped once more, his overloaded mind registering the idea that
Eric was trying to push his finger inside him, and he struggled to make his
body resist the natural impulse to clinch tightly. Intrigued, he forced
himself relax, and as soon as he did that, he gasped once more as he felt
Eric's finger slip past his tight rings, and moved deeply into his rectum. "Holy shit, the fuck...?" "Yea, huh...I dunno...just I hurting you?" hissed a
highly excited Eric as he began carefully working his finger inside Robby's
tender tunnel. "Not really, no...feels kind of...nice...different...full, sort
of...but..." stammered Robby, and then he yelped loudly as Eric's probing
digit suddenly made contact with...something...what...?...inside
there...that unleashed the most amazing sensations he had ever experienced. "What?" a startled Eric asked, his finger pulling back in concern for
Robby. "NO...don't, NOT that again!" His heart thudding in his chest, Eric moved his finger deeper, and he
once again felt a small and firm little knob inside Robby's body, and he
worked his fingertip across it several times as Robby went borderline nuts,
his body twitching and his tight hole seeming to grip the probing finger
tighter still. "AWwww shit...oh, man...I'm gonna cum, Dude...big time!" croaked Robby
in gasping breath. And cum he 13 year olds breasts
did, an astounding volume of thick white semen ejecting
forcefully from his bucking erection in long streamers that seemed to
splatter everywhere. As the stunning orgasm waned, Robby felt suddenly
exhausted, and he sagged against the seat, his spent body feeling more
relaxed than ever before. Still somewhat bewildered by Rob's intense
reaction to this porno teens 13 year new exploration, Eric slowly slid his finger out of Robby
and sat up, his stunned gaze taking in the numerous splatters of semen that
pooled on Rob's soft stomach and chest, as well as virgins 16 years xxx all over the truck
seat. Looking at a very flushed Robby, he grinned wickedly at him, and then
bent forward to lick up as much of the tacky fluid as he could, his tongue
washing over Rob's warm skin. Rob lay quietly allowing Eric to clean away a
good portion of the evidence of his mind-bending ejaculation, and then he
reached out 13 year olds breasts
to pull him close, holding him, as his mind struggled to wrap
around what had just taken place. Man, he thought, whatever that was, it
was totally intense, and definitely needs further investigation...very
definitely! Alas, time was the enemy of the day now, and as much as both boys wanted
to recover and try it all over again, it simply wasn't going to happen
today. Reluctantly, they cleaned up and restored their clothing, after
which Eric dropped a very sated Robby at home before heading to his own
home to prepare for his family weekend. As he drove toward home, his mind
replayed the stunning 16 years porno pic
events of the past couple of hours, and some fleeting
memory flashes of his sex-ed classes concerning a male organ called the
Prostate gland moved through his mind, and as the recall improved Eric
reached the conclusion that his stimulating that sensitive organ must be
what resulted in Robby's intense reaction, and ejaculate. Smiling to
himself, he vowed to validate his suspicion at the first opportunity, and
as he turned onto his street he processed the passing thought that if
inserting a finger inside Robby like that spurred such sharp reaction, just
imagine how it might turn out if I inserted my...cock...inside
there...yikes!!(End Part 9)

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